105 Freeway Traffic Jam Is The Perfect Place For Selfies

105 selfies

It was a pretty rough commute on the 105 freeway today. Traffic was at a standstill for so long that people actually got out of their cars to take some selfies.

The 105 freeway was closed down today because a man was threatening to jump off a bridge. And while the authorities dealt with the severely serious situation at one end of the 105, Los Angeles drivers took selfies at the other.

The 105 freeway selfies raise at least one interesting question. Is there such thing as an inappropriate time to take a selfie? Earlier this week a student shared a selfie after getting stabbed. We’ve also seen selfies taken immediately after sex, selfies taken with prostitutes, and one selfie taken with a corpse.

The people driving on the 105 probably didn’t know what was happening down the road so you really can’t blame them for getting out of their cars to have a little fun. At the same time, why would anyone want to pose with… traffic?

While some people took selfies during the traffic jam on the 105 others took pictures of the man threatening to jump.

What’s even crazier about this whole situation is that no one seems concerned about the man who was threatening to commit suicide. The selfie takers on the 105 certainly weren’t worried about his well-being and the media certainly wasn’t interested either. Go ahead, search for “1o5 jumper” on Google. Nearly all of the articles about selfies.

Dan Evon

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