Bruce Timm’s Batman Returns In Animated Short ‘Strange Days’ [Video]

Batman "Strange Days"

If you didn’t grow up on Bruce Timm’s Emmy-winning Batman: The Animated Series, your childhood must have sucked. In all seriousness though, go pick up the entire series on Amazon right now because the show is widely considered to be one of the definitive depictions of the iconic DC Comics character.

The man responsible for that depiction is Bruce Timm, who, along with co-creator and co-producer Eric Radomski, literally revolutionized the animation medium with the series in 1992 (even though said medium was entering its twilight days).

Anyway, a new short film in the style of BTAS appeared on YouTube Thursday night in celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary.

The short, titled “Strange Days,” shows “a lost tale from Batman’s past,” in which he “tracks a strange giant to the mysterious lair of Dr. Hugo Strange.”

The film has a grainy B-movie vibe, and features the Dark Knight in a costume that seems to call back to his initial “purple-gloved” appearance (this look has been most recently popularized/rebooted by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Zero Year” comic series).

Series star Kevin Conroy also seems to return here, even if for only one line (well, and a grunt).

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