57% Of Marketers Have Trouble Finding Social Media ROI [Infographic]

In a new survey, 469 marketers from different industries, small to large sized companies, and varying levels of expertise, were asked about the current state of Social Media Marketing. 57 percent of marketers said that finding the ROI of social media was their biggest challenge.

When it came to what they focus on most, 96 percent measure the number of followers and fans. 78 percent are looking for better customer engagement with 66 percent wanting to increase their presence across social media platforms.

The study also found that as social media becomes more and more integrated 50 percent would like much better integration with other facets of their business.

Measuring revenue from social media, 62 percent monitor new customers from platforms, 60 percent measure from new leads, and 59 percent from sales.

The survey also found that only 16 percent of average marketers are using a social CRM. However, 26 percent plan on using a social CRM system by the end of 2012.

Facebook remains King with 89 percent of marketers having a brand page, closely followed by Twitter with 84 percent and LinkedIn with 77 percent. Use of Pinterest is increasing with 39 percent of average brands using, 26 percent planning on using, and 50 percent of “socially mature” brands using.

For more insight and a breakdown of all these statistics, check out the infographic below to see where marketers stack up with Social Media Marketing.

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