The Most Terrifying Emma Watson Gif You Will Ever See

The woman above is Emma Watson. If you’d like to remember her as a beautiful, talented, and intelligent actress then please, by all means, do not read the rest of this post. Somethings cannot be unseen and the Emma Watson gif below is absolutely terrifying.

It’s so terrifying that I’m going to spend some time preparing you for what you are about to see. The gif starts off with Emma Watson standing against a white wall. She has some pretty red lipstick on and it appear that she may be nude. But she’s not nude. She’s not even Emma Watson. The actress then reaches under her big face boobs, reaches up underneath her skin, then rips off her face.

That might sound a little dramatic but that’s pretty much what happens.

emma watson

Yes, that is Sophia Vergara at the end.

So where did this gif come from? Can Emma Watson really pull off her face?

It appears that the gif comes from a video about masking. If you haven’t heard about it, masking is a fetish that involves, well, wearing a mask.

From wikipedia: Mask fetishism is a fetishistic desire to see a subject wearing or taking off a mask. The mask may be of any kind such as diving masks, which is very common. Some people often get sexually attracted by videos of women diving or snorkeling.”

Want to know more about masking? You do, don’t you? Great! Here’s a video to satisfy your curiosity.

OK, well, I hope this post didn’t ruin your view of Emma Watson. In fact, let’s try to wash away the memory of that little gif with this image from The Bling Ring. 

Emma Watson - The Bling Ring

photo credit: Flywithinsun via photopin cc

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