Sriracha Sauce Factory Faced With Closure, Residents Complain Of Painful Air Qualify

Sriracha Plant Faced With Forced Closure Over Smells

Sriracha sauce has become quite possibly the most popular condiment of the last decade, however, some residents in Southern California are calling the sauce a “public nuisance.”

A factory that produces the popular hot sauce in Irwindale, CA has been given 90 days to fix its operations or shut down. According to the Irwindale city council, the smell has become a nuisance to residents.

The city council made its decision even after air-quality experts said positive changes were already being made by the popular sauce company.

Attorney John Tate, who represents Sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods, Inc., tells the Associated Press that the company is searching for a “long-term solutions by June 1.” Tate says the city council is simply, “flexing its muscle” and “thumbing Huy Fong in the eye.”

The city council filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong last October. Residents are complainomg that the sauces red hot chili peppers are “stinging their eyes, giving them headaches, and causing coughing fits.” A judge ordered the factory to halt operations in November 2013, just after the pepper-grinding season had drawn to a close. During the pepper-grinding season the company employees 200 workers. Sriracha employes 60 year-round workers and took in $85 million in 2013.

The flaming hot sauce is contained in distinctive green-tipped bottles, each with a drawing of a rooster on the side.

On Facebook, news publication Business Insider perfectly sums up our reaction to this continuing development:

The beloved hot sauce manufacturer has received other shows of support by dozens of publications who also shared the story to their Facebook Brand Pages.

The possible factory closing has also carried over to Twitter where users are warning of possible stock issues:

We have a feeling the Sriracha factory issue will be resolved before stock levels fall to “rationing” levels.

In the meantime the news continues to be featured on the Facebook trends section, while also picking up steam on Twitter.

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