CNN To Launch New Online News Show For Twitter

CNN is getting serious about appealing to the Twitter generation with a new news show designed for Twitter.

The new show, which is apparently going to be 15 seconds long (we’re not making this up) is said to  be “a bite-sized video news series built specifically to be viewed and shared on Twitter called Your 15 Second Morning,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Along with the news show, CNN is reported to also be considering (as part of their Twitter news push) a show that features an “ex NFL player examining productivity in people’s lives.”

The iconic cable news network has struggled for years against competition from MSNBC and Fox News. Its ratings have improved lately, but only on the back of coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370.

How you fit news into a 15 second video isn’t made clear from reports, but given my own viewing of CNN today, all they need to do is show a picture of MH370…as it is literally at the time of writing the only thing they are reporting on.

(Picture Credit: Duncan Riley/ SND.)

Duncan Riley


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