‘Mean Girls 2’ Is Terrible And Bethany Anne Lind Agrees

mean girls

Mean Girls 2 is terrible. It’s universally hated by fans of the original, it only has a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and Bethany Anne Lind, the actress who played Quinn Shinn, completely agrees.

People have been tweeting their disgust about Mean Girls 2 today and Lind hasn’t done much to defend the movie. Instead, she’s been favoriting, retweeing, and sharing in the bitch fest about the ridiculous bad sequel.

Mean Girls was a hit when it was released in 2004. It featured some hilarious lines (it was written by Tina Fey) and a pre-disaster Lindsay Lohan. The sequel, however, didn’t benefit from star power or Tina Fey’s wit and was a disaster at the box office. Oh wait, box office, who am I kidding. Mean Girls 2 was a straight to DVD sequel that would have passed under the radar if it wasn’t so bad.

So why would Bethany Anne Lind agree to appear in such a stinker? Oh right, money.

I didn’t know of Bethany Anne Lind before today but I think I now consider myself a fan. She only has a few movies to her name, she’s appeared in Flight, Crackerjack the Movie, and Army Wives, but I’m hoping that her career picks up. Actually, let’s hope that she makes a few more crappy cult movies so we can get more Twitter jokes like this. 

[EDIT: Bethany Anne Lind does not agree!]

If you look at Lind’s tweets above you’ll see that she never actually says that the movie is terrible. Her favorite / retweet spree was more an act of empathy than agreement.

This just solidifies the fact that Bethany Anne Lind is awesome.


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