Pennsylvania High School Stabbing Victim Posts Instagram Selfie Of Injury

Pennsylvania High School Stabbing

A teen at Franklin Regional Senior High School outside of Pittsburgh went on a stabbing spree Wednesday morning, injuring 20 people, including one staff member.

The alleged attacker, a 16-year-old male sophomore, was said to have been yielding two knives before being subdued, and is currently in police custody.

One victim transported to a nearby Children’s hospital made it out relatively unharmed, and posted a selfie on Instagram with the title “Chillin at Children’s.”

A student spoke with CNN about the random act of violence, saying the attacker “was very quiet” and had a “look on his face that he was just crazy.”

“I started hearing a stampede of students coming down from the other end of the hall, saying ‘Get out, we need to leave, go, there’s a kid with a knife.’ Then a teacher came over to me and the girl I was trying to help. And she said she would handle the girl and that I should run out. So then I just ran out of the school and tried to get out as soon as possible.”

Forbes Regional Hospital treated seven teens and one adult, and injuries for three of the teens were life-threatening.

Chief medical officer Dr. Mark Rubino said they were undergoing surgery after suffering wounds mostly to the lower abdomen, but he expects the teens to live.

The attacker’s motives are currently unknown, and we wish the victims a full and speedy recovery.

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