Here Are Some (Legal) Prostitute Selfies, Because Why Not [Photos]

las vegas prostitute selfie

The world’s oldest profession is officially using the world’s newest form of media.

This morning, I got an email from Sheri’s Ranch, which is a legal brothel near Las Vegas. According to a rep with the cathouse, the ladies of Sheri are hopping on the selfie trend this year. Per the rep:

“The selfie is a modern form of self representation and self promotion. The legal prostitutes of Nevada have been using Twitter and other photo-friendly social platforms as virtual red light districts where selfies are used as an important marketing tool.”

Some are more NSFW than others.

We’re not really what you’d call a “mature” publication, but I can’t help but appreciate the plucky attitude required to cold-call someone for a little but of publicity, so here are some relatively-SFW selfies from the sex workers at Sheri’s Ranch. To see the more NSFW shots, you can check out their blog post here, or start following the Sheri’s Ranch women on Twitter here.


Dusten Carlson
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