Frank Thomas: MLB Baseballs Have Been Doctored

Have you been wondering why there have been so many home runs this year? No? Well Frank Thomas has. The Big Hurt believes that the MLB may have doctored the baseballs, making it a little easier to send them over the outfield wall.

Now, there are a few holes in Frank’s theory. First off, if you’re going to make a huge accusation like that you should probably have a little more evidence to back you up. Second, you should actually make sure there is ANY evidence to back you up.

According to USA Today, the home run rate for the 2014 season is actually lower than the last four seasons. Teams are hitting an average of .84 home runs per game this year. Last year, that number was at 1.02.

Frank Thomas hasn’t shared any more thoughts on the matter and he probably shouldn’t. The Big Hurt may have been one of the best home run hitters of all-time but, contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t actually make him an expert on baseball stats.

On the bright side, Thomas may be on to something here. With the steroid era slowly fading in the rear view mirror, maybe it’s time for the MLB to start doctoring up other aspects of the game to make it more exciting. MLB Nerf baseballs? Smaller fences? Shorter bases? The MLB hasn’t made any announcements yet but I’m sure Frank Thomas will let us know if anything fishy is (or isn’t) going on.

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