Facebook Sidebar Ads Are About To Get A Whole Lot Bigger

Facebook Ads

Advertising is where Facebook makes its bank. While the social network was once famous for not having ads, that now seems like a distant memory. Ads, and selling information to advertisers is what makes Facebook large enough to make multi billion dollar purchases whenever they feel the need. So, it should come as no surprise that Facebook is continually working to improve its experience, for its advertisers.

Facebook has announced on its business blog that the company will be enhancing its advertisements that run along the side of your feed.

Probably the most significant thing for Facebook users, as opposed to advertisers, is that the ads will be significantly bigger. Their image size will grow significantly and will include a bit of text underneath, not unlike a post users would normally see in their news feed.

Facebook advertisers will be interested to learn that users seeing this new format have had 3X the click rate compared to their current sidebar ads. Additionally, Facebook is making it simpler for advertisers to utilize multiple kinds of advertisements on the site. Using this feature, advertisers won’t have to upload different images for their News Feed advertisements and their sidebar advertisements, now the same image can be used for both.

The new look ads will begin rolling out to advertisers this month, but Facebook says it could take until the year is out before every advertiser gets to utilize these features. During the transition, Facebook will support both the old and new ad formats.

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