Pope Francis Drops F-Bomb In Homily About Being A Bouncer [Video]

pope francis f-bomb

Holy farker, did Pope Francis just interrupt a homily with a story about his career as a bouncer in which he dropped the f-bomb? No, but the clip above had a lot of people going for a minute.

Viral on social media sites like reddit this week, the above video shows Pope Francis regaling his congregation with an anecdote from his pre-“his holiness” career as a bouncer. Partway through, he drops a huge shocker. Detailing a supposed confrontation between himself and an unhappy club patron, Pope Francis says he got up in the guy’s face and asked, all Robert DeNiro-like, “Do you have a f*cking problem with me?”

Even though the Pope just dropped the f-bomb, the congregation doesn’t even bat an eye.

Probably because it didn’t actually happen.

The video is dubbed, and most caught on to that pretty quickly. It comes from Lucky TV, a Dutch satirical media group (not unlike our own The Onion), and the Pope appears to be one of their favorite subjects.

The Pope did used to be a bouncer, though. Before joining the Jesuits in 1958, he was also a janitor and a chemical lab tech.

A few were fooled by the video above, so if you see anyone on your channels falling for it, you can share this article with them from the left side of the page.

As an aside, I do think that this would make for an interesting movie. Martin Scorsese’s Pope Francis.

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