Reporters Can’t Seem To Tell The Difference Between Mickey Rooney And Andy Rooney [Video]

mickey rooney andy rooney

Reporters are having a hard time telling the difference between Mickey Rooney and Andy Rooney. The former died this week, while the latter cashed in his chips in 2011.

Spotted by Jimmy Kimmel, many TV anchors mourned the loss of the 93-year-old icon this week, though despite claming to have “grown up with” his movies, they couldn’t quite get his name right. Many were, in fact, mourning the loss of another famous Rooney, radio and television writer Andy, who died a few years back.

Mickey died on April 6 of natural causes, surrounded by his family in his North Hollywood home. He is survived by Jan Chamberlain, his wife of 37 years, eight surviving children, two stepkids, nineteen grandkids and several great-grandkids.

Andy died on November 4, 2011 at the age of 92 following post-op complications of an unspecified surgery. He had appeared on 60 Minutes just five weeks prior to passing.

But you can’t rely on the media to appreciate the difference between these two great Rooneys. Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s supercut of anchors confused about Mickey Rooney’s death above, and let us know if you can tell the difference between the two in the comments below!

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

Dusten Carlson
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