Darren McFadden Dead? Come On People, It’s Another Hoax

darren mcfadden

Before we get into today’s lesson about celebrity death hoaxes, let’s make one thing clear: Darren McFadden is not dead. He did not go to the hospital. He did not crash his 2012 BMW.

How do I know? Well, let’s start our death hoax lesson.


If the story comes from Media Fetcher, it’s fake. If it comes from Global Associated News (GAN), it’s fake. If it reads like a morbid Madlibs story, it’s fake.

For example: “(Insert celebrity name here) is confirmed to have died in a single vehicle car accident. One other male passenger in the (type of vehicle) has been transported to a local (plausible city) hospital and is reported to be in serious condition.”

You see, Media Fetcher actually has a death hoax generator. Sick, sad and totally bored people can use the death hoax generator to create their own cookie cutter scams. The stories get published at some bogus URL and then it becomes a game to see how many times you can get a story shared.

Why? I still haven’t figured the answer out to that one.

What I do know is that Darren McFadden is not dead.


Dan Evon

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