Social Media Mourns Death of Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior With #RIPUltimateWarrior

The death of wrestler The Ultimate Warrior has been noted online with the trending hashtag #RIPUltimateWarrior.

The Ultimate Warrior, born James “Brian” Hellwig, died suddenly April 8th at the age of 54.

His cause of death is unknown at this time, however he was reported to have collapsed outside an Arizona hotel while walking to his car with his wife, before later being pronounced dead in a local hospital.

The Ultimate Warrior was active in WWF wrestling from 1987 to 1991, 1992-1996, with a final appearance in 1998.

He was a two time WWF Intercontinental Championship winner and won the WWF Championship when famously pinning Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania VI. He was the only wrestler in the history of WWF to hold both the WWF Championship and the Intercontinental Championship at the same time.

Fans flooded social media with remembrance messages for Warrior, making #RIPUltimateWarrior the most popular term on Twitter early morning April 9th.

Few, if any had a bad word to say for the deceased champion.


(Image credit: WWF)

Duncan Riley


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