SkinneePix Selfie Editor Promises To Make You Look 15 Pounds Lighter

SkinneePix Promises To Make You Look 15 Pounds Lighter

There are many angle-savvy selfie savants out there who always seem to take the perfect self-shot. But some of us, for one reason or another, are never entirely pleased with our digital appearance.

This negative self-perception regarding our exterior, fueled by our image-obsessed culture has inspired many selfie-takers to consider the extremes of plastic surgery in order to augment their future photos.

While I don’t personally agree 100 percent with the “Getting Healthy with My Selfie” philosophy behind the product I’m about to mention, it is a cheaper alternative to going under the knife for appearance-sake.

Pretty Smart Women LLC, the makers of a new iPhone app SkinneePix, offer the ability to digitally edit your selfies – specifically promising to make you look five, 10, or 15 pounds lighter.

The app uses facial-detection software to shave pounds from the face only. SkinneePix does not slim the appearance of the body. And to note, the SkinneePix app only works for single shots, not group shots.

Users can take photos from both the front and rear-facing cameras on their smartphone or import images for editing.

Thereafter, a little bar pops up under the photo and gives four options to shed weight from your selfies: 0, 5, 10 and 15 pounds.

SkinneePix is available on Apple App Store for $0.99 and will be released soon for Android devices as well.

As simple and well-intentioned as the app sounds, several reports, including one from an ABC affiliate, suggests SkinneePix does raise some concerns about body image. While the makers of SkinneePix argue their app simply helps combat bad lighting and close-up angles that add weight to selfies, critics are concerned the app could promote an unhealthy body image and lead to serious issues, like eating disorders.

[Photo Credit: Apple iTunes Store SkinneePix]

Megan Charles

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