DeSean Jackson On Vacation As Redskins Begin Workouts

Recently signed Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson was missing from voluntary off-season workouts this week. The reason? The Redskins newest employee was on vacation, that’s why.

There are Instagram photos to prove it.

DeSean Jackson had a good alibi for his absentia. Prior to signing with the Redskins on April 1st Jackson informed his new employer of the planned vacation.

So no, DeSean Jackson wasn’t playing hooky then brainlessly publishing his whereabouts on social media.

He’s just a working man taking a week off. New co-workers be damned.

Redskins fans were a bit sensitive about Jackson’s pre-planned trip to St. Maarten.

Redskins offensive captain Trent Williams defended his new teammate in a conference call with CSN Washington:

“…we play a game that’s America’s game and there’s a lot of eyes on you. A lot of people just want to pick you apart. No matter what you do, they are going to find the wrong in what you do and forget about the good things.”

The Redskins are acclimating to a new coaching staff and complete overhaul of their offense.

It’s like missing the first day of work at a really high paying job.

It may not have been a terrible idea, PR-wise or not, for Jackson to push back the Carribean to next week. He was, in fact, recently released by the Eagles with rumors of gang affiliations floating the interwebs.

To new Redskins teammates, DeSean Jackson is the guy at the office who gets paid more that gleefully uploads Facebook snaps on a Tuesday while you slave in the cubicle.

[Image Credit:Matthew Straubmuller]

Pete Myers

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