Nina Agdal Nude? Leaked Photos Reportedly Show Swimsuit Model Naked On Bed

nina agdal

Nude photos of Nina Agdal were reportedly leaked on Twitter today by her ex-boyfriend Max George. At least that’s the story going around the internet.

The only thing we really know is that a lot of people are perving over a nude photo of a woman who looks like Nina Agdal. The Sports Illustrated model hasn’t confirmed whether or not the photo is real and George hasn’t justified the accusation with a response just yet.

The rumor seemingly stems from the fact that George and Agdal split up earlier this year. It’s easy to pin the “disgruntled boyfriend” label on George, especially since Nina was spotted out with Leonardo DiCaprio shortly after the breakup, but there’s no evidence that The Wanted singer actually tried to get revenge on Agdal by posting nude photos of her online.

In fact, let’s not even entertain that rumor. As for the photo, let’s forget about that too.

Nina has bared plenty of skin for the cameras during her modeling career and there’s no reason for us to root around in her personal photos. If you really want to see the leaked photo you can go ahead and Google “Nina Agdal nude photos” but we’ll do our best to distract you with some legitimate, public, and extremely sexy photos of the model here.

Nina Agdal isn’t the only celebrity to find herself in the middle of a nude photo scandal. Some scandalous photos of Demi Lovato also reportedly leaked this morning.

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