Boyfriend Twin: Dating Your Doppelganger Is Perfectly Normal On This Tumblr Site

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, it helps when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. The Tumblr site Boyfriend Twin is going viral this week thanks to a bunch of people who are dating their doppelgangers.

boyfriend twin

Yes, the two people pictured above aren’t brothers. They aren’t twins. They aren’t even cousins. They’re just two random people who look like each other and now they’re dating.

boyfriend twin


It’s really pretty amazing. Some people go their entire lives searching for true love. Others spend lifetimes searching for their perfect doppelgangers. These people managed to find both.

boyfriend twins


Sure, it might be a little vain and some people might find it a little strange, but as The Tumblr Page Boyfriend Twin writes in its slogan: “Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?”

boyfriends doppelganger

The site has received mixed reactions so far. Some people think that it’s kind of incredible. While others, well, they’re just plain creeped out.

boyfriend doppelganger

One commentator writes: “No that’s just plain fucked up. No explanation needed. It somehow got creepier the farther I scrolled.”

boyfriends doppelgangers


What do you think? Is this an absolutely amazing display of love or vanity? Cute or creepy? Whatever side of the fence you fall on I think we can all agree that Boyfriend Twin is pretty amazing.

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