11 Sex Gifs About Losing Your Virginity [SFW]

couple in love

How would you describe your first sexual experience? It can be a tough thing to write about and most of us don’t have photographic evidence to jog our memories. (You don’t have photos, right?) So what about gifs? What gif would you use to describe your first time having sex?

It’s a very important question. Thankfully, the internet has already done the majority of the work. Here are a few gifs to describe having sex for the first time.

Some people were pretty bored by the entire experience.

sex gif

sex gif bored

Others were so excited that it was over before it began.

sex in gifs


Others had a hard time figuring out where certain body parts were supposed to go.

sex in gifs fail

sex in gifs fail

sex in gifs fail

Most people had pretty high expectations for their first sexual encounter. Of course, most people were also let down.

sex in gifs fail

sex in gifs fail

But there were some studs among the group. Well, studs is probably too strong of word. Let’s call them well-intentioned, over-excited, and completely clueless fools.

sex in gifs fail

sex in gifs fail

Do any of these gifs capture your first time having sex?

Sex is one of the hardest things to write about. They even hand out an award every year to some very good writers who have written some very bad sex scenes. The fact is, somethings just can’t be described with words. Thankfully, those things can be described with gifs.

photo credit: jonrawlinson via photopin cc

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