PyramidVille Renamed PyramidValley: Zynga Drops Lawsuit Over Title

PyramidVille Renamed PyramidValley: Zynga Drops Lawsuit

Social gaming powerhouse Zynga and competitor Kobojo / BulkyPix have come to an amicable settlement of the lawsuit filed by Zynga over the titles of Kobojo’s PyramidVille and PyramidVille Adventure games. No details of the settlement will be revealed under the terms of a confidentiality agreement, but it has been confirmed that no payments will be made by either party.

The new titles of the games are PyramidValley and PyramidValley Adventure. Along with the name change, Kobojo released a content update for PyramidValley Adventure that allows players to start constructing new cities in Ancient Greece when they reach level 18.

Industry observers watched the legal maneuvering with interest since the lawsuit was filed in May of 2012. Zynga is known for suing companies that release games with “Ville” in the title, but the action was considered unusual because the company waited until the games had been on the market for 15 months before they sued.

Meanwhile, PyramidValley and PyramidValley Adventure are struggling to return to the peak traffic figures the games posted in the early days of their release. According to the most recent numbers from Inside Social Games, both Kobojo titles have declined sharply:

“While our traffic-tracking service AppData shows PyramidValley Adventure has fallen off the iOS charts, PyramidValley is still going strong on Facebook with 430,000 monthly active users and 110,000 daily active users. While this is a far cry from the game’s peak traffic levels of 2.85 million MAU and 517,000 DAU, PyramidValley’s DAU/MAU ratio is at a little over 25 percent (anything above 20 percent is considered a healthy game).”

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