Rascal Flatts Lip-Sync Disappointment

Gary LeVox sings

Gary LeVox, lead vocalist of Rascal Flatts admitted to lip-syncing the hit song “Rewind” during their performance at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Surprise, surprise. Artists lip-syncing during a “live” performance. But for country music fans, this was a surprise. Unfortunately for Rascal Flatts, co-hosts Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton made a joke about lip-syncing in their opening monologue: “If you don’t like live music, then you need to go down the block and see Britney Spears.”


During and after the performance, once fans were skeptical, Twitter and Facebook flooded with controversy. Rascal Flatts answered the public uproar on social media Monday night.

Blaming it on the fact Gary had lost his voice and canceling wasn’t an option, Rascal Flatts gave in and confessed to lip-syncing. Trying to save face, they expressed excitement for singing live again in the “very near future.”

At least they admitted to being terrible at it. Canceling doesn’t seem so bad now does it, boys? Perhaps LeVox can contact Ashlee Simpson for some pointers.

Fans are completely disappointed in Rascal Flatt’s performance:




Photo credit: Adam Keats


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