Monitoring Teen’s Facebook May Have Saved His Life

Mother Monitoring Teen’s Facebook May Have Saved His Life

Salt Lake City, UT – The actions of a vigilant, observant mother may have saved her son’s life, when she monitored the teen’s Facebook page and found threatening content.

The Facebook poster threatened to shoot her son. Disturbed by what she’d found on her son’s social media, the mother contacted a resource officer at her son’s high school and reported the issue.

The matter was taken seriously as the school’s officer and the official police felt the Facebook threats were credible enough to investigate further.

An investigator in the case, Detective Wilking said, “When they’re posting it on social media and then they’re actually where they said they were going to be and they have a weapon, I would say that’s a pretty credible threat.”

Salt Lake City police say, reports CBS News, the intended victim attended West High School and the two teenage suspects were arrested not far from the school on Friday afternoon.

They were picked up where they said they would be. A handgun and a loaded magazine were found in the suspects’ vehicle, along with drug paraphernalia.

The two suspects, who are not West High students, were booked into juvenile detention, and are facing multiple charges. Police believe the incident may be gang-related.

“Anything you do online these days can be traced to you, and you might want to think about that before you put something out on the web,” the detective said in a KUTV report.

This is a cautionary tale for other parents, reminding them to monitor their children’s social media accounts and for kids to report anything potentially harmful to adults.

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Megan Charles

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