This UConn RA Gains Viral Fame For Being A March Madness Buzz Kill

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Internet fame is a funny thing. Some people will do anything to get it (like get a hashtag tattoo on their face) while others, like this UConn RA, unexpectedly stumble over it.

An RA from the University of Connecticut is becoming a viral star all thanks to a ridiculous email he sent out to the students on his floor this morning concerning the NCAA title game.

The email starts out simple enough. The RA, named Derek, informs the students that despite UConn being in the NCAA title game all of the rules of the school still apply. And you know what? Good for Derek. Championship celebrations can get out of control pretty quickly and some of the students were probably well-served by this UConn RA’s email.

But after that introductory paragraph… Well, things go from “friendly advice” to “jack-ass statements” pretty quickly.

If the text is too small here’s the gist of it: Sports are stupid.

This UConn RA says that students are only excited about the game because it gives them an excuse to go wild. He also said that the students aren’t really rooting for their friends and classmates. Instead, their simply rooting for who has the best jersey.

The email ends with this beautiful sentence: “No matter what the basketball team does, I’m still going to be the RA for another month.”

Right, because when people look back at the 2014 March Madness tournament they aren’t going to remember who won and who lost. They aren’t going to talk about how UConn made it to the championship game as a number 7 seed. No, they are going to talk about how Derek was the RA.

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