Convies Combines Whatsapp And Vine For A Smooth Video Messaging Application

Convies for iOS

Vine just brought private messaging to its six and a half second long video sharing app, but there was already an app designed to do something very similar in development.

Convies launched on iOS today and it is designed to allow users to share short videos privately and publicly in a more streamlined way.

While Vine stole some of Convies’ thunder by launching its private messaging feature a few days ago, Convies still thinks it has enough unique features to become a hit.

Convies has a lot of similarities to Whatsapp, Line and WeChat. Users share their videos either by sending them directly to another user, or by posting them to a Vine-like feed. Users can change a video’s settings to restrict who can share their video and how they can share it. Users can also easily upload their videos to other social sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, it has some basic video editing features, like slowing down or speeding up, the video. Crucial for the app’s six second time limit.

Vine is great for sharing videos socially, its private messaging app gets the job done but could be better. WhatsApp and WeChat allow video messages to be sent to other users but they aren’t instant play videos and using their video messaging features are only slightly more convenient than sending an .mpg through email.

Convies is attempting to combine both of those things for a cohesive and intuitive experience.

We reached out to Convies and they confirmed to us that an Android version of the app is on its way, with a barebones version due out first, hopefully in a few months, and then one that matches the iOS experience to come soon after that. Support for other platforms is planned for further in the future as their man power increases.

[Photo Credit: Convies]

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