Microsoft Getting Into Original Content With Xbox Television Studio

Xbox Television Studios

The original content market is getting more crowded on a weekly basis it seems. Along with the long term mainstays, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Crackle, Sony, and Yahoo have all announced that they are moving into the premium original content game. Now, Microsoft is joining them, bringing several original series to the Xbox platform.

Microsoft isn’t just licensing out a few run by night operations either. Instead, it is bringing along a cast that includes comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green as well as “aspiring World Cup Players” and robots, yes, robots. They, along with a drama co-produced by award winning U.K. Channel 4, called Humans, will all fall under an umbrella called Xbox television studio, the first series will debut in June.

Six series are set to launch with the program, with another dozen coming down the production pipes now, according to Bloomberg.

Humans is written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley. It takes place in a “Parallel present” where the hottest gadget isn’t the latest phone but a human-looking cyborg servant called “Synth.” The family the show follows is supposed to be middle class and has just purchased their first, refurbished, model but find out that living with an artificially intelligent robot brings with it more than meets the eye.

Humans will begin casting this May, with production set to start in the summer.

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