Xbox One Now Allows You To Upload Gameplay Clips Directly To YouTube

Xbox One YouTube

Shortly after brought live gameplay streams to the Xbox One, Microsoft is making it easier to share recorded gameplay videos on Youtube.

As you may or may not remember, the Xbox One has a DVR function, allowing users to automatically record the last five minutes of their gameplay with the press of a button or by saying “Xbox, Record That.” The process of getting these videos couldn’t be easier, but getting them on YouTube wasn’t the most intuitive way in the world.

Users had download the Upload Studio app, upload the videos to he Microsoft owned SkyDrive, jump on their PCs and share it on YouTube manually.

Now, users can upload directly to their Youtube channel without going through that hassle. Currently, users still have to go through the same workaround if they want to share their videos on Facebook, but Microsoft has promised a fix for that in the future as well.

The Xbox One update also brings “snap mode” to the console, allowing users to run multiple apps at once and switch between them quickly, or have two apps split the screen.

This is the third piece of big social sharing news for Microsoft’s Xbox line of consoles. GoPro finally released its video sharing app for Xbox 360 and it is expected to come to Xbox One soon. Additionally, Microsoft is getting into the original content game. Ever since Microsoft released Facebook for Xbox Live back in 2009, the company has been working on getting its consoles more involved in the social space.

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