Joe Biden Revisits Twitter After 16-Month Hiatus

Joe Biden

When not being pitched by the Internet for a reality show, Joe Biden has many duties to perform as Vice President, and today he revisited his official Twitter account.

He says he’s cleaning off the dust for midterm elections, i.e., tweeting out to some 550,000 followers is great free promotion.

Biden last tweeted from his account on December 24, 2012, saying “Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season” accompanied by a photo with Barack Obama.

Since December 2012, there has been just three retweets, both from his office’s Twitter account and the official White House account.

However, similar to Barack Obama’s Twitter account, it’s ran by someone else, and in the case of Joe Biden, the Democratic National Committee.

From an official spokesperson:

“@JoeBiden will be another way for the Vice President to engage our supporters, spread the Democratic message and support our candidates heading into the midterm elections.”

Today, the Democratic party also uploaded a video of Joe Biden urging people to “stand up” for voting rights.

Photo credit: WFIU Public Radio

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