Justin Bieber Fans Worried About His Health, #StayStrongMyKing Trends On Twitter

StayStrongMyKing - Justin Bieber

Beliebers around the world have taken to Twitter in support of Justin Bieber. According to a viral photo, Bieber is depressed and needs everyone’s help.

In the viral photo (posted above), a story unfolds about two Bieber fans who met their idol, only to find him in a state of crying. Instead of asking for a photograph they just hug Justin and tell him everything will be okay. The post further claims that Bieber is only inking up his body with tattoo’s as a form of “self harm.” The post also claims that all of his “smiles are fake.”

While the post asks for Justin Bieber fans to trend the term #BeliebersLoveYouJustin, instead the term #StayStrongMyKing has taken the social network by storm, becoming a worldwide trend.

While there is no way to verify Justin Bieber’s feelings, it does appear that his actions have become increasingly sporadic in recent months. Those actions have worried his fans as they now desperately post their show of support for the Beibs.




Love or hate Justin Bieber, it is hard to deny that he has the most supportive fans in the world.

James Kosur

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