Mario Balotelli Goes On Selfie Spree After Joining Instagram

Mario Balotelli has discovered the selfie.

Mario Balotelli has discovered the selfie.

The former Manchester City star joined Instagram over the weekend and he seems pretty excited about his new account. Over the last two days he’s posted 15 photos. The majority of which are selfies.

Several fake Mario Balotelli accounts have popped up on Instagram recently which is probably why the soccer star’s first post was a verification video.

In the video, Balotelli reads his username in several different languages to prove to his fans that this is the real thing.

Mario Balotelli hasn’t mastered the caption part of Instagram (most of his photos come without a message) but he has mastered the selfie.

He’s sent out a couple of head shots…

… photos with friends …

… And photos with his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha.

Balotelli has only been on Instagram for a day but he already has nearly 100,000 fans. That’s almost as impressive as Kate Upton who racked up close to a half million followers within days of joining the network.

Mario Balotelli should be hitting those sort of numbers soon. After all, he does have more than 2 million followers on Twitter and he’s using the account to promote his Instagram in several different languages.

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