Mickey Rooney Dies, Twitter Reacts [Breaking]

mickey rooney cause of death

Famed actor Mickey Rooney has died, and social media is alight with remembrances for the veteran Hollywood star.

Mickey Rooney was ailing at the age of 93, TMZ reports, and the site indicates that the eight times married actor had most recently been the plaintiff in an elder abuse case against his son — and that he recently testified about the issue in front of lawmakers.

According to TMZ, Mickey Rooney died following a long illness:

“Rooney had been in ill health for quite some time. We’re told death was attributed to natural causes … He was one of the most famous child actors in entertainment history. He played the role of Andy Hardy in ‘The Hardy Boys’ in 20 films.”

Over on Twitter, many are posting about Rooney’s life and even his advanced age:

Fellow celebrities paid tribute:

As referenced above, Rooney indeed stood well under the average height for males and even actors.

An official statement on the death of Mickey Rooney has not yet been made, but his cause of death is believed to have been natural.

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