Mom Tells World Her Son Is Transgender On Social Media

Jodi Gholson Oliver wins “Most Accepting and Awesome Mom” award for a heartwarming and celebratory Facebook post. On March 27th, Oliver used social media to announce her son being a transgender with a joyful picture of a story reading the words “IT’S A BOY” followed by a touching message:


At the end, Jodi added an adorable sentence addressing the hateful comments that could possibly stem from this spreading around the web: “If you think your question may be inappropriate, it probably is and I will probably not answer it!” Her original post has generated over 500 likes, 40 shares, and close to 100 comments.

Jes, her son, has every right to be proud and share this message on his Tumblr exclaiming “My mom let her facebook friends/family know what’s up regarding me just now and this is how she did it. Heck yeah, mom.” His post has gone viral with over 150,000 notes. Jes has become an unexpected inspiration to other young adults struggling with identification and transgender teens.

Jodi posted a follow-up Facebook message, commenting on how shocked she is that the post went viral.

“I thought when I made this announcement on FB I was just letting all of my friends and family know about recent developments in our lives and that telling everyone at the same time would just be so much easier. I had no idea this was going to affect so many people like it has.”

Jodi and Jes illustrate the power of love and family.

Photo credit: Enokson


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