J.R. Smith Lets Guys Know It’s Okay If Their ‘Chick’ Follows Him On Twitter

J.R. Smith Twitter Rant

Well, that is a relief.

J.R. Smith wants it to be known that guys whose wives or girlfriends follow him on Twitter have no need to worry, because nine times out of ten, he says, he doesn’t want them.

There is no telling what sparked this recent Twitter rant, Smith has been known to go on a Twitter rant or two in the past. In fact, at this point, it seems almost stilly to get on Smith about his recent diatribe.

Long time Knicks fans are used to it, this is who J.R. Smith is. He will go out, score 25 off the bench one game, then miss four threes in a row the next. He will go on Twitter and cause controversy about something completely unrelated a day after losing the eight seed after a tough loss to Washington and the day before a big game against the Miami Heat. That is just the trade-off the Knicks agreed to when they re-signed Smith, regardless of who was in charge when they did it.

The Knicks will need a dose of J.R. Smith’s “A game” today, they face off against the aforementioned Heat today at 1 pm EST, J.R. Smith is expected to start.

[Photo Credit: Keith Allison]

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