Video Of Cop Busting Into House Goes Viral

Police brutality

Video of a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Police officer pushing his way into a house and arresting a man without giving him reason for his arrest has gone viral, sparking outrage on the internet and causing local residents to ask the question of what exactly the police officer was doing.

26-year-old Donrell Breaux was arrested by the Officer in the video and charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. The video begins with the Officer attempting to force his way into Breaux’s house and then arresting Breaux. Breaux can be heard repeatedly asking the officer what he is being arrested for, the officer replies “I don’t answer to you.”

According to Breaux, who spoke to local media, the police officer was called to the house by the neighbor who complained of cursing and a smell of marijuana allegedly emanating from the house. The officer claims, via the police department’s official report that he also smelt the odour of marijuana and asked Breaux for identification. Breaux said he didn’t have any on him but had some in the house. When Breaux went to enter the house the arresting officer decided that it was time to make an arrest (for what at this point is not clear) which is when (again, according to the report) Breaux resisted arrest and “assaulted” the police officer.

The video does show Breaux engaging in what could be considered resisting, he didn’t just let the cop put handcuffs on him, but there is nothing in the video that suggests Breaux assaulted the officer. Even Ghandi would be hard pressed to say Breaux’s actions was anything approaching violent action towards the police officer.

We have reached out to the person who took the video, and will update you if we hear anything back.

[Photo Credit: davidsonscott15]

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