YouTube’s Rumored Paid Music Service Delayed

YouTube Music

Google doesn’t think the music streaming market is oversaturated. In fact, Google thinks it is so strong that it is launching another Music Streaming service in addition to the one it already offers. The Google owned YouTube is expected to be launching its own premium music streaming service at some point soon, but the expected release date came and left, so what happened?

According to Billboard, the service was due to launch by January, but it has been delayed until sometime during the second quarter of this year as YouTube and Google attempt to make the streaming service capable enough to stand toe-to-toe with its many competitors.

The market is currently controlled by Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music and Google’s own Play Music program. YouTube, however, remains the most popular place to find and listen to music, even beating out AM/FM radio for users aged between 12 and 24, despite the service not being as capable as the aforementioned streaming services.

While most Google services generally enter a beta phase before release, Google and YouTube reportedly plan to make this service capable enough to draw users away from its competitors the moment it is released to the public.

The service will reportedly include both premium and ad-based version. Google already owns licences for millions of music tracks for its Google Play services, so once the YouTube streaming service has its infrastructure in place, it should be relatively easy for Google to provide a service with an extensive library.

[Photo Credit: Rego Korosi]

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