Breakdancing ‘NYPD Cop’ Accepts Challenge And Blows Everyone’s Mind

Breakdancing NYPD "Cop"

A viral video from YouTube has skyrocketed to the top of the Videos Subreddit depicting a New York Police Department cop blowing everyone’s minds at breakdancing.

The video shows an “NYPD cop” who goes by the moniker “Officer Elusive” accepting a breakdancing challenge. The crowd initially looks on skeptically, expecting the officer to bust some weak moves before moving along.

What they didn’t expect was the massive spins, piques, and more thrown down by the “officer”, rivaling even the best of the competition.

The “cop” depicted chimed in to the Reddit post under the username BBoyElusive, responding to claims that the video was fake or staged:

“Officer” Elusive here,

Heard this video was blowing up a little bit, so I figured I’d drop in and say hello!

Edit: By the way, yes I really did go to my friend and say “Here, hold my gun!!”
Edit 2.0: Thanks for the gold!
Edit 2.1: A couple of people have asked for proof so… Here we go:


Later in the thread, Elusive talked about how he got into breakdancing, noting that in the beginning, it was very much “monkey see, monkey do”:

I did a year of gymnastics training before starting breaking, and I have been breaking for about 9 years now. Since I started, it has just been monkey see, monkey do.


Response to the video was overwhelming positive:

Buddy, that is some fine a– community police work. This is how it’s done and you are a credit to those you work with. Kudos to you.


I just wanted to say that this is the kind of police video I like to see. The amount of goodwill you just garnered by using your talents not only makes an impact in your community, but now that the video is viral, it’ll give people warm fuzzies worldwide! Well done, officer.


There’s only one problem though: breakdancing “cop” BBoyElusive isn’t a real cop. It was revealed through the thread and in the comments section of the YouTube video that the area in which the battle takes place was a movie set, accounting for the large amount of costumes in the background.

Even so, the breakdancing is amazing, and is definitely worth a look if not just for the value of seeing a cop, albeit a fake one, doing the “Reverse Worm”.

[Photo Credit: Marcqiese Marc]

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