15 New Types Of Ads Coming To Twitter

Twitter ads

Think Twitter already has enough ads? It is about to get worse. In an attempt to become more profitable, Twitter is experimenting with 15 different type of ads that will be launching over the next six months,

One of the new types of advertisements are embedded apps, and it is already rolling out to select users. Mobile companies, a market Twitter covets, will be able to embed visual download buttons into Twitter’s existing card feature and will link to the Apple iOs store (and presumably, other mobile app stores, at least at some point).

It is something Facebook has been doing since 2012, and has resulted in 245 million app downloads. Twitter, which has been trying to find new ways to generate revenue, will be heavily courting mobile app developers with the program.

While 14 other kinds of ads were reportedly shown off by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo  to a group of ad executives, little is known about the other ads. Twitter is reportedly working on a “click to call” button but other than its obvious functionality, we know very little about it.

Twitter has struggled to justify its lofty early evaluations, and its stock has fallen by 1/3 so far this year. They are hoping these new ads become the light at the end of the tunnel for the microblogging site.


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