Sheryl Sandberg Is No Longer A Billionaire, But She Is A Superhero

Sheryl Sandberg net worth

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook is no longer a billionaire.

Sheryl Sandberg, who has headed the world’s largest social media site since 2008, is now only worth $980 million. Oh, how will she get on in life?

The reason for Sandberg’s drop off of the billionaire’s list is due to a dip in Facebook’s stock value. The company fell nine percent in the past few days. Combined with her selling off around half of her stock since the company went public, she now appears to be, uh, struggling.

She may have fallen off of the Forbes billionaire list, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have positive things going on. Billionaires have great lives, but Superheroes live forever.

An inspirational comic book by Michael Frizell dubbed Female Force: Sheryl Sandberg is set to hit comic book shelves this June and gives attempts to capture her life the best it can in 22 pages. She won’t have any superpowers and she won’t be fighting crime, apparently the qualifications for getting into a comic book have changed since I was a kid. The story will instead illustrate Sandberg’s real life trial and tribulations as moves from birth to the present, a difficult task in “80-90 frames,” but something the publisher is used to doing.

Bluewater Comics has done similar pieces on Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Betty White and others.

While if I were ever put into comic form, I’d be sure to have the creators add a few superpowers, but this article does bring up an interesting question: would you rather be a billionaire or a superhero?

[Photo Credit: Fortune Live Media]

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