‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Can Topple King Joffrey Statue Via Twitter

game of thrones

Are you just going to sit there and let King Joffrey, the most hated man on television, reign over the seven kingdoms? Or are you going to get on Twitter and join the Game Of Thrones revolution?!


New Zealand’s SKY TV has erected a giant King Joffrey statue in Aukland in order to promote the season premiere of GOT this Sunday. And to get people really excited, they’re letting fans tear down the statue via Twitter.

SKY’s director of programming, Travis Dunbar said: “Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon and King Joffrey is quite possibly the most hated fictional television character of all time. It’s exciting to give fans an opportunity they are dying for; to assist in the demise of the King of the Iron Throne.”

You can visit BringDownTheKing.com to find out more about the campaign or, if you just want to see the statue fall, do your part and tweet with the #BringDownTheKing hashtag.

It’s unclear how many tweets it will take to take Joffrey down but the site is expecting “millions.” I’m guessing that it will take how ever many tweets are sent between now and the season premiere of Game of Thrones. 

Dan Evon

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