Evan Mathis Posts $0 ‘Signing Bonus’ From Philadelphia Eagles On Instagram

evan mathis

Evan Mathis just got his signing bonus from the Philadelphia Eagles in the mail. The NFL left guard was so excited about his big payday that he posted a picture of his check on Instagram.

Mathis writes: “Hell yeah, just got my signing bonus.”

Yeah, that’s right. The Eagles paid Mathis a whopping $0 and 0 cents.

According to Total Pro Sports, Mathis is currently trying to renegotiate his contract. The Eagles lineman just finished up his second year of a five year, $25.5 million contract but he’s hoping to get a bit of a raise due to his performance.

Mathis is one of the best guards in the NFL and he expects to be paid like one. Judging by the photo above, however, the Eagles feel different about the situation.

Evan Mathis hasn’t made any big announcements yet but it doesn’t look like negotiations with the Eagles are going well. The Eagles already lost DeSean Jackson this off-season and it looks like they’re willing to get rid of Mathis, too.

Of course, Mathis may decide that getting paid $5 million a year isn’t exactly a bad thing.

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