Sarah Jessica Parker Goes On Twitter Tirade

Sarah Jessica Parker Twitter rant

Sarah Jessica Parker went to Twitter last night to express her anger towards “Relationship Expert” Sarah J. Symonds. Unfortunately this rant was not about who owns the better ‘Sarah J.’ name, but Parker responding to rude comments about her children from Symonds.

Symonds is unaware of the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. She certainly learned the hard way when SJP found power in the tweet button. Apparently, Symonds commented on how Parker’s children don’t look anything like her. Well, Symonds, that is probably because Parker used a surrogate mother for her twin girls back in 2010. Relationship expert? Maybe. Search engine expert? No.

Sarah Jessica Parker tirade ensues:

The 49-year-old “Sex and the City” star thanked her fans for the support: “Before I go to sleep I want to thank everyone for coming to my defense today. I didnt relish the opportunity to publicly reprimand. But the words tossed so casually about my children and their provenance I could not abide. Nor are they true.”

Symonds deleted her comment(s) and has yet to respond to Parker’s tweets. But we can all enjoy the following tweet from Symonds posted this morning:

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