This Precocious Dancing 3-Year-Old Is So Cute It’s Almost Sick [Video]

amazing chinese dance baby

Searching for the perfect viral video to end your week on a good note and solidify your reputation in the office as “the viral video guy/gal?“This video of a dancing 3-year-old will give you cubicle cred for days.

On Amazing Chinese (China’s version/clone of America’s Got Talent) 3-year-old Zhang Junhao dragged his portable speaker onto the stage to perform for the audience, and after much cheek-pinching from the judges, he began his routine. You know how it is. A cute kid + a dance routine is just one of those things that just drives grownups so crazy that we don’t even care that, in relative terms, the choreography kind of sucks.

But we only say that to illustrate how Junhao is different from the rest. Hardly a mere cute kid doing cartwheels in front of a captive audience, Junhao definitely put some serious thought and elbow grease into his routine, and we’ll give it a certified SND adorbs-ability stamp because of it.

The judges were so impressed that they advanced Junhao to the next round. Speculatively, in part, because the alternative to advancement in Amazing Chinese is condemnation to a Nike sweatshop.

Watch 3-year-old Zhang Junhao’s dance video above, and try not to “DAWWW” too loudly.

[h/t – Mashable]

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