#ThisIsWholesome: Honey Maid’s Must-Watch Response To Anti-Diversity Commenters

honey maid thisiswholesome

Nabisco’s Honey Maid Graham Crackers, and their #thisiswholesome campaign, is currently trending on Facebook — after the response and initial backlash to a pro-family ad sparked a second video from the brand about love and loved ones.

The #thisiswholesome hashtag is being used to link up the Honey Maid conversation, and thousands have “liked” a post from the Nabisco property after the shared the following message on Facebook:

Users have taken to Honey Maid’s wall to comment, with one of the most recent user-posted remarks reading:

“Your new ad campaign is brilliant and beautiful. Saw it a month ago or so on local TV and was absolutely awe struck by it. Very beautiful ad. Kudos to you! … I’m off to buy some grahams now and I don’t even eat them!”

Another spoke to the spot’s effects, adding:

“If you only knew how much your support & love has reached the families of those in the commercial you’d be amazed. Such love & respect back to you …”

The best part? According to Honey Maid, positive comments outnumbers angry ones ten to one.

The brand has reached out to Honey Maid customers in an effort to spread the social conversation, posting:

Earlier posts on the Honey Maid Facebook page addressing the #thisiswholesome hashtag indicate that the brand is overall committing to a more diverse approach to advertising and corporate identity.

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