David Letterman Feels The Twitter Love After Retirement Announcement

Letterman Retirement

Regardless of how you feel about David Letterman’s show the past few years, there is no denying that he was giant in the industry. He started hosting late night talk shows in 1982 on NBC with Late Night with David Letterman before moving over to CBS in 1992 after being snubbed by NBC in favor of Jay Leno when he thought he would replace Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

That event kicked off what would be known as the late-night talk show wars that lasted until “The YouTubes” came around and people stopped caring. That doesn’t mean he stopped being influential however, and the love has been pouring out from all over the place since his announcement. Not the least of all from Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! put his opinion of Letterman in no unsimple terms.

Ellen who appears to be on the short list to replace Dave, expressed her admiration:

Arsenio Hall knows his job (to bring the laughs) well, and didn’t let a teary-eyed moment like this get in his way:

President Obama took sometime away from bragging about the 7.1 million Healthcare.gov signups to post this:

It wasn’t just celebrities and the powerful that poured out the love, long time viewers also expressed their feelings:


As much as Keith Olbermann annoys me, his six and half minute tribute to Letterman is probably the best of the bunch:

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