YouTube Ban Lifted By Turkish Court, 15 Videos Still Hidden

YouTube Ban In Turkey

A Turkish court has lifted the country’s YouTube ban. Officials have found that the original order violates human rights.

The decision to lift the ban arrives just days after a similar ban on Twitter was lifted by the country’s high court.

YouTube was banned by angry politicians after someone anonymously leaked classified audio recordings. Those audio files allegedly revealed senior officials discussing a possible attack on Syria ahead of an important national election.

On Thursday the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that laws were being violated by the ban. While YouTube will once again go online in Turkey, the decision still blocks the 15 leaked videos that caused the site to be temporarily inaccessible. The court ruled that the ban on YouTube was too broad given the scope of the websites offerings.

When Twitter’s ban was lifted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his office would not “respect it.” While he disagreed with the Twitter decision Ergodan still honored the order and lifted the ban.

In the meantime, the ban of both Twitter and YouTube have continued to draw MORE attention to corruption at the highest levels of the Turkish government. Because of the social media shutdowns, leaders around the world are calling the recent social isolation a game of “dirty politics” that can’t be ignored.

Do you think Twitter and YouTube should be fully restored in Turkey?


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