Warren Buffett Recommends Kittens In University Of Nebraska’s Strange Viral Campaign [Video]

Warren Buffett University of Nebraska

For being an old guy with more money than God, Warren Buffett is a pretty chill. He puts up a billion dollars for a perfect NCAA bracket, promises to give away 80 percent of his massive fortune when he dies, has so many memorable quotes that the term “Buffett-isms” has been coined and has even called for higher taxes on the rich. He makes it is easy to forget just how ridiculously wealthy he is.

He also has a sense of humor, which has to be part of the reason why he is participating in University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman’s new and bizarre viral campaign. Buffett also attended the University of Nebraska as a young man.

There are five videos in the “Perls of Knowledge” campaign so far, with another two planned. Buffett appears in one of them as “The Oracle.” Buffett talks to Perlman on old, corded red phones (yes kids, back in the day our phones were connected to walls by wires!) and gives him some advice. Buffett is used to giving investment advice, he gives some at nearly every turn in real life, but in this video he moves to something that might be a tad after his time, Twitter advice.

“The troll market hit us good, but cats are up slightly.”

Actually, I take that back, cats are always a good bet in the social media world.

[Photo Credit: Fortune Live Media]

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