Twitter Takes A Crack At Netflix Titles With #Buttflix

Netlifx and Buttflix

For those people who say “What is the point of a hashtag?” the answer has never been more clear. It is bringing together the creative and disgusting minds of humans around the world. Late last night Twitter adopted the hashtag #Buttflix, remixing popular TV show and movie titles to be about butts.

There are two kinds of people. People who are intelligent and people who use their intelligence for butt-themed hashtags on the internet.

Take a moment to chuckle at the concept. This hashtag originated from Comedy Central’s show @midnight and has taken off in the twittersphere. This is the reason people were put on the earth. It is perfectly normal to be overwhelmed with rectum related movie titles for the rest of the day.

Immature is not a fair word to use for #Buttflix. Instead of immature use amazing, innovative, magnificent, or talented. Maybe you are having some trouble getting the creative juices flowing for your next tweet. Here are some everyday things to help: chocolate, plunger, diaper, cheeks, whole/hole, and burn.

If one day the internet is blessed with a streaming orifice service, these would be some of the movies and tv shows smeared on the site:

Photo credit: Rakka


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