Facebook Messenger For Android Adds ‘Pin Chats to Home Screen’ Feature

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Following the high-profile acquisition of WhatsApp for the Facebook portfolio, major changes to the Facebook Messenger have made the client more viable and useful.

Included in the Android version of Facebook Messenger update version 4.0, a new “Pin Chats” feature allows for the pinning of entire groups of friends into a single “chat group.”

The chat group addition is a positive one, and is extremely useful to the average power user, but one has to wonder – will this result in a torrential flow of messages and photos that other friends are not interested in?

Included in the update is the ability to pin these chat groups directly to your home screen, allowing for quick access to the group without having to first launch the application.

The pinning directly to the home screen feature is not present in the iOS update, likely due to launcher restrictions and Apple policies.

The move may exacerbate privacy concerns, however, with a recent poll showing that more Americans trust the IRS and NSA more than Facebook or Google.

With such a wave of distrust, the ability to pin friends into a single easy to reach (and easy to mine) list might make some squeamish and uncomfortable.

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