HootSuite Announces Marketo Integration


Social media management tool HootSuite has over 1,000 Enterprise customers, and today announced new integration with marketing automation company Marketo.

Marketo is a popular lead generation tool, and now users will be able to access their account right from the HootSuite dashboard.

Here’s several features of the integration:

-Generate qualified leads from social: Discover prospects on social channels in HootSuite and easily add them to a lead database in Marketo. Follow up on key prospects with relevant campaigns by integrating with existing keyword searches and engagement monitoring.

-Qualify leads faster with social scoring: Capture key social media activity and conversations to discover prime opportunities for engagement using HootSuite. Use social data to score leads and query lead databases to search social media users against existing prospects.

-Gain deeper insight into buyers: Enrich lead data with social media insights to engage in more meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. Use HootSuite to update lead records with social profile, message and conversation data that provides deeper context and helps progress leads through the funnel.

To get started, you can enable Marketo by following this link, and clicking “Install App.”

While the Marketo integration is geared towards HootSuite Enterprise users, if you are a Pro subscriber and interesting in learning more about the lead generation tool, you can request a demo here.

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