LinkedIn Unveils Redesigned Profiles, Shares Impressive Stats

LinkedIn held a live stream today to talk about upcoming changes, and also announced newly redesigned profiles, including new stats. The redesigned profile pages will be rolling out starting today, and are designed to simplify use and help others find more relevant information about someone.

Among the new features:

  • In-line profile editing.
  • Status updates on profiles.
  • Larger profile picture.
  • Status and activity in groups front and center.
  • More insight on how one’s network divides by company, industry and education.
  • When viewing a profile, a user can like, share, comment on, or re-share status updates.
  • Ability to recommend someone for a specific skill with one click.

When it came to how well the social network is doing, LinkedIn revealed that in the past year alone, they’ve added 50 million new users which brings them to a total of 175 million users. By contrast, it took them six years to add their first 50 million users.

175,000 new profiles are created each day, and since September 2012, over 3 billion personal searches have been made. The new homepage sees 29 million unique visitors each month and has doubled the amount of social interactions.

Almost 25 percent of users access LinkedIn from their mobile device, which is up from just 10 percent over the past year. You can take a look at the new profile design here.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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